Latest Ransomware Petya is more dangerous than WannaCry.


Few months back, multinational companies were suffering from WannaCry Ransomware. Now Petya ransomware is hitting high profile companies. Ukraine computers were first hacked by this ransomware. It has already attacked 2,000 users in Ukraine, Russia, France, USA etc.

This ransomware has many similarities with WannaCry but every flaw due to which WannaCry ended is not present in this ransomware. It is not clear yet how is it coming to PCs but it is not from emails surely.

This ransomware reboots the OS and encrypts all files. The ransom is $300 which as usual is in Bitcoin. After paying $300, they have to send proofs on an email. But after this also, files do not decrypt. They can’t send mail to that email because the service provider has blocked it and the provider company says that we have to block the emails which are dangerous.

In a Report, Ukraine claimed that this attack is carried out by Russia but Russia denied for this. Before this, North Korea was under suspicion for WannaCry Ransomware. No one knows How will this stops but Cyber Securities are working on it.

At last, we would say that prevent your computer from Petya ransomware. This is too dangerous than Wannacry

Source: Reddit



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