4 ways to Run Android apps on Windows for Android lovers.

Run Android Apps on Windows

Android is the most used OS in any smartphone. Android acquired 2 billion users in 2017. On the other hand, Windows is the most used OS on the PC. If you can run both OSs then what will be better than this. Here, I will tell how to run Android apps on Windows?

There are many ways to run Android apps on Windows PC but some ways are laggy and some are difficult. But actually, it is true that you have to face some problems before Run Android apps on Windows because it’s really not an easy task. Remember before reading this article that Easy ways are not so good and good ways are not so easy.

So let’s start our topic on How to run Android apps on Windows PC?


Third party Softwares to run Android apps on Windows.

1.) Bluestacks

run Android apps on Windows

You may be heard about BlueStacks. BlueStacks is the most popular way to run Android apps on Windows.

BlueStacks is a free software available in .exe extension for Windows. You can download it from its official website by searching BlueStacks on Google or click on this link.

After downloading BlueStacks, just click to install it. First, it will extract some files which will be needed to run Android apps on Windows using this software. After clicking some next, next tabs, the installation will be started. The installation will take around 2-3 minutes.

Now BlueStacks will be started. Firstly BlueStacks will ask for a Gmail account as every new Android smartphone asks. Now after installing you can observe that UI is similar to an Android device.

BlueStacks is basically popular to play Android games on Windows. This is the reason that you will get many ads pop-ups related to games after installing BlueStacks. You can install any app from the Play Store which is inbuilt in the BlueStacks or you can download any apk file from your browser of Windows and use BlueStacks during opening it.

Sometimes BlueStacks lags. But this is a very rare case and you will get used to it.

BlueStacks is good to run Android apps on Windows but the UI is not so good that’s why you should read about the next software.

2.) AndyRoid (Andy)

Andy is a good Android Emulator for Windows PC, even better than BlueStacks. It is light and easy to use. The UI is more similar to an Android smartphone than BlueStacks.

You can download Andy by searching it in Google or click on this link. The official website of Andy is a good source to know more about its features.

Andy is a good option to run Android apps on Windows with the great UI but the worst part about this software is that it will install many unwanted softwares also and an unwanted extension in Chrome. If your PC’s configuration is not so high then you will face some lags in your PC after installing Andy but you can clear this lag by uninstalling unwanted programs. You don’t have to worry, Andy doesn’t come with any type of virus.

The default interface is the tablet interface and you can change it by clicking on the mobile icon at the bottom side.

run Android apps on Windows

Now your Android device in Windows via Andy is ready. To download any app or game, you just have to visit Play Store in this emulator by signing in with your Gmail account.

How to run Android Apps on Windows PC without any software?

If you literally serious about Running Android apps on Windows PC then you have to remove Windows Word from this search. Here I am going to tell you about an OS which is based on android and you can install any apps just like Android. The OS is Remix OS. There are many ways to use this OS – you can create USB stick, you can use VirtualBox or you can put this OS on your PC instead of Windows.

BlueStacks and Andy are nice way to run Android apps but it does not give you good performance. This OS is completely designed for PC users who love Android. It is based on Android x86 project. You can easily download it from its official website by searching Remix OS on Google or click on this link.

Follow the following steps to install Remix OS in your Windows PC using USB drive. But personally, I would suggest you to install and check it on Virtual Box or VMware before making it OS for your PC.

  1. After you downloaded it from the above link, you will get two files – 1.) A Zip file and 2.) Remix OS USB tool.
  2. Now extract the files from the zip file and you will get an iso file.
  3. Click on Remix OS USB tool and select your USB and that iso file. (Your USB must be bootable). The official site for remix OS recommends USB 3.0 for installing remix OS because USB 3.0 is faster than 2.0. so it’s your call, what do you want?
  4. Now simply reboot your system and go into the boot menu and select your USB.
  5. After preceding some steps, Remix OS will be installed.

Look the following screenshot to know how this OS looks on the PC.

run Android apps on Windows


The best thing about this OS on your PC is that you don’t need to install any external drivers. Everything you will get in this OS including Play Store and some basic functionality also.

This OS is fast and smooth. We can say it is the best way to experience Android on your PC. But unfortunately, some things will not work such as screen recording apps, COC etc. If you are using it through VirtualBox then actually you will run Android apps on Windows. But as I said, it’s all your call.

If you want to Dual Boot Windows and Android (for Android Remix OS).

How to run Android apps on Windows using google’s android SDK – Android Studio?

run Android apps on Windows

Android studio is the official way of Google to run Android apps on Windows. You can download it from its official site or Click on this link. Basically, this software is used for Android app development. This way is a little bit difficult and annoying. This software has an Android emulator feature which is used to check your Android apps which you developed through this software before transferring it to any Android device.

To run Android apps in the Android Emulator of Android studio, firstly you have to create it using tools of this software. And yes as this software does not have pre-installed Play Store that’s why you have to put the apk file which you want to install into the “tools” folder of the SDK directory of this software.

Now to install the app, run the command “adb install appfilename.apk“. After that, your App will be added to the list of apps of this virtual device.

This is a good and official way to run Android apps on Windows but you should have a knowledge of Android development field using Android SDK.

Wrap Up

I have included all the best ways to Run Android Apps in Windows. It is your choice Which method is suitable for you? If you doing this for fun only then BlueStacks and Andy are good choices. But if you are a Developer then Remix OS and Android Studio must be your choices.

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