SIRI lady, Do you ever think who answers Hey SIRI on your Apple device.


There are over 700 million IPHONES in the world and since 2011, all the models of iPhones are coming with Siri, a personal assistant which comes in the voice-text-speech feature, who helps you to do all your daily works with your voice command, and from starting when this feature comes in the phones all want to know the person behind the voice of SIRI and its Susan Bennet, an American voice-over artist. In starting this feature comes with the model in IPHONE 4S, behind this technology, there is a real woman but Apple never identified her. But all the signs indicates that the original sound of SIRI Lady. She never had any idea that one day she would be speaking more than 100 million people through a not-yet-invented phone.

siri lady-vpice of siri

She is Susan Bennett and she lives in suburban Atlanta, United States. Apple never confirms her but the other Siri Professionals who know her voice, they confirm her and represent her legally. AND audio-forensics expert with 30 years of experience has studied both voices and says he is “100%” certain the two are the same.

Bennett, who won’t divulge her age, fell into voice work by accident in the 1970s. Today, she can be heard worldwide. She speaks up in commercials and on countless phone systems. She spells out directions from GPS devices and addresses travelers in Delta airport terminals.

Until now, it’s been a career that’s afforded her anonymity.

When she grabs the opportunity of becoming Siri lady?

But a new Apple mobile operating system, iOS 7, with new Siri voice means that Bennett’s reign as the American Siri lady is slowly coming to an end. At the same time, tech-news site The Verge posted a video last month, “How Siri found its voice,” that led some viewers to believe that Allison Dufty, the featured voiceover talent, was Siri. A horrified Dufty scrambled in response, writing on her website that she is “absolutely, positively NOT the voice of Siri lady,” but not before some bloggers had bought into the hype.


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