Toyota future car : FUN Vii concept


An amazing concept vehicle designed to instantly change inside and out. One of our future cars.

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There is a concept of the future cars, the Fun-Vii is designed to instantly change inside and outside of its body. Its massive LED-screen exterior not only allows a personalized display on the outside but is also engineered to connect with roadways, infrastructure and other cars on the interior. It can even recognize you when you walk up to it. This, combined with innovations in augmented reality, lets us look at the mobility of tomorrow in a surprising new light. It will change our future to a great level.

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These future cars aren’t like any concept car (or display) we’ve ever seen — the interior and exterior are covered with a display panel, and the door is touch sensitive. All the navigation info displays on the interior display and you can even change the display of the exterior by a simple download with the help of your smartphone. The software of these future cars which controls all the systems of the car can be updated by a through a simple network connection, which also links to other vehicles for detecting cars in the blind spots or finding friends driving nearby.

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Some of the features will even be accessible through a smartphone, though we’re pretty sure driving won’t be one of them. We wouldn’t expect a price or release date with a concept this outrageous, but it would be great to see software updates, networked driving, and touch-sensitive surfaces incorporated into a future Camry.

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For its complete info check the video.

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