Using DesignEvo to DIY A Decent Logo for Your Own Uses

design your own logo with proper template or from scratch

Nowadays, logo plays a more and more significant role in commercial marketing. It’s critical for any commercial groups using a decent logo as the media to show their core values and spirits with passerbys and customers, be it a small business or a large company.


As it’s well-known that large companies always spend large fortunes on their logos and the designing process requires professional designers and substantial time, ranging from months to years. For many small businesses, it’s impossible to take that many efforts and spend that much time.


Finding an easier alternative solution to Photoshop logo methodology is imperative for various small groups. And now, we’ve explored a workaround for uncountable people want a proper logo design in a short time with limited budgets, which is to get help from a free logo maker online – DesignEvo.


Easily Create A Proper Logo with Free Logo Maker DesignEvo

OK, to make it clear, DesignEvo as an easier logo creator, offers 500 px * 500 px bitmap logo image downloading free, which makes us call it a free logo maker. Please note that, its higher resolution logo image requires extra payment. For example, 500 px * 500 px ~ 5000 px * 5000 px logo download requires a purchase for its Basic plan, which is normally priced at $19.99. Likewise, especially for those who demand a royalty-free logo or a vector logo, its Plus plan with a normal price tag of $39.99 may seem more attractive and useful.

DesignEvo Normal Pricing And Supports
DesignEvo Normal Pricing And Supports

Special Coupon – explodeBigOFF

As of now, DesignEvo is running a big Mother’s Day Campaign, long story short, you can apply the coupon – “explodeBigOFF” to buy a DesignEvo logo with the Basic plan at $9 with $10.99 OFF, or get a Plus plan logo at $18 with $21.99 OFF, before May 25th, 2018.


DesignEvo Logo Templates – Ideal to Produce A Good-looking Logo

DesignEvo’s templates are well organized, therefore it’s pretty easy to select out your preferred logo appearance. The search box in template mode allows you to input a keyword to find a related logo inspiration quickly.

Steps to Make A Logo with Templates

DesignEvo Templates
DesignEvo Templates

Step 1, press [Maker a Free Logo] and pick a template.

Step 2, type into the your brand and slogan and keystroke [Enter]. Of course, you can drop the slogan part by selecting and keystroking [Delete] right after canvas shows. It’s also possible to to resize your canvas size, but remember to mouse-select all elements and enlarge/size down them all.

Step 3, customize your logo. Select any logo element that you would like to make a change. Change its parametres at the top functional bar, i.e., color, font, size and many more.

Step 4, preview, save and download your logo.

Customize your logo, preview, save and download it.
Customize your logo, preview, save and download it.

Make Your Logo from Zero

Besides, in DesignEvo, you can begin your logo design from 0, for example, DIY a YouTube logo. To make it, go [Make a Free Logo] > [Start from Scratch].

Steps Include:

Step 1, set the size of your design canvas.

Step 2, retrieve and add logo texts, logo shapes and logo icons.

Step 3, adjust logo elements.

Step 4, preview, save and download your logo.





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