How to Become a Hacker?

how to become a hacker

Well, I see a lot of my readers keep on asking me about how they can be into hacking. My answer to all of them is that you cannot really start it in a way to get hold of everything overnight. Honestly, there lies no secret to it.

A lot of newbies keep on asking questions like, “From where should i start learning to hack” or “how can i hack someone’s email or Facebook account”. Here, let me tell you that it all lies in the fact that you can only pursue this knowledge of hacking if you are fascinated about technology and want to learn more and more about it. Hacking is completely a skill and you shall be able to learn it only with time.

Besides, you need to have a mind that knows to experiment, you may fail many a times and there lies your challenge. No matter how many times you slip down, you would still need to hold your patience and continue working upon it.

Another important thing about it is that you need to have the knowledge about cyber ethics. I would never recommend you to do anything that violates the norms of cybersecurity. Thus, you must always follow the cyber ethics and values before actually jumping on to try out anything of that kind!

Breaking into the computer systems and phones as well as understanding the security mechanisms of the cyber network or the group of networks is popularly known as hacking. Well, before you actually take a long jump, read on till the end of this content piece to know what are the basically behind hacking.

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Start with understanding UNIX

These days, the entire hacking culture seems to be centered around UNIX. You may be able to operate the internet without knowing about UNIX like OS, the most popular of which in use is Linux. Other than that, there are BSD systems. However, to be a hacker, you ought to dip your toes into it at first. UNIX is the core of your hacking world and thus, it is extremely important that you have a complete knowledge about it before you actually proceed on to the next steps.

Learn to Write in HTML

This is a vital step in the process of becoming a hacker. If you do not have enough knowledge about programming, you need to learn that at first. Learning the basic HyperText Mark-Up Language (HTML) is crucial since whatever you see across the internet, starting from an image to that of a design component are coded using HTML.

Learn Programming

In order to start breaking the rules, which is the ultimate concept of hacking, at first, you need to learn the rules by heart and thus, comes the idea of programming. Python and JavaScript are C-based languages and could be a good deal to start with! You can also opt for Java and C++ languages. JavaScript, the the programming language of the web and PHP, the core language of UNIX are the ones you must be aware of thoroughly.

Think Artistically

In order to be a hacker, the first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind after you are done with ingesting all the basics as I stated above, you would now need to think in a creative way. However, at the same time, you need to make sure about the fact that you would be solving the issues around you that exists in the cyber world along with a mutual responsibility of maintaining the ethical values. You ought to think with all your intellect and exercise your intelligence in a conventional way.

You Must Love to Solve Problems

This world comprises of a lot of fascinating problems and it is all up to you how wonderfully you are able to tackle them. With so many problems around, you must not take a problem as it is, rather you must have the motif of experimenting out with it and finding the solution. That is what your spirit should be! If you think you are doing what you love to do, that is where you know that hacking is the right cup for you. You need to be creative in whatever you do. In case you feel down, you can always look up at some awesome pieces such as “Jargon File” or “Hacker Manifesto”. I know that they have turned out to be obsolete for the present generations in terms of technical issues but here, I am talking about them to let you know about the lively spirit and attitude that these books hold inside them.

Share the Secret or Method that You Find Within your Community

Inside the hacking community, you must have your acquaintances. There, you would definitely see hackers discussing about several things and problem solving techniques. It is important for you, too, to actively participate in that group. Talk to your fellow mates and follow their posts to see things and learn about the ones that you do not know. In the same way, if you have successfully managed to find out some new techniques, go on sharing them with the community members. There is nothing like you will be losing all your creative skills. Rather, it is more like earning respect and that is how a community works. If you have got a theory revealed, let everyone take a share of it. You can keep certain things secret, and that is totally up to you!

Write Open Source Software

This is an essential aspect of being a hacker. A potential hacker is the one who is capable of writing lengthy programs that can solve people’s issues and prove to be useful for the whole lot of people in the hacking culture. Spread information that are helpful and that is how you gain your popularity among the masses as well as sharpen your still along with!


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