Google is banned in China,So Why Chinese smartphones has Android?


    Google is everything nowadays. Google can track each and everything surrounded by you, what things have you done?, Which problems disturb you? etc. Let me clear this topic with an example, if your girlfriend is pregnant then she would search how to check Am I pregnant or not on Google. It means Google knows your girlfriend is pregnant before you. If you want to know What Google stores about you then Read this article.

    This thing makes China worry about government related things. They don’t want that their government secrets would be leaked on the Internet. The other reason why they ban Google services because they want to grow their own country startups which are copies of Google services.

    Now let’s talk about why are they still use Android on their smartphones. Let me clear that Google has an official statement that anyone can use their Android operating system in their smartphones without paying a single buck.  Do you know most Android phones are forked by Google apps but in China, smartphones do not have a single Google app in the Android Smartphones, So Google can’t earn through ads and apps from Chinese smartphones

    This completely clear that why are they using Android on their smartphones because they want every everything without giving anything. Android is free that’s why they are using it but Google can earn money from Android that’s why they removed Google apps from the smartphones. Mostly Android smartphones in China have to be rooted to access Google apps. It sounds something like you can’t eat food in your own home.

    It is their mindset that they don’t want to share their privacy with Google but they should not copy their services to earn money.


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