7 Best Video Player for Windows for better watching experience (2017).

best video player for windows

Definitely, you don’t have PC only for office works. PC is a machine which is made for multiple tasks. Watching a movie or any video on your Windows PC is definitely one of your tasks you perform on PC. You get an inbuilt video player in Windows but that video player really sucks. So I have a filtered list of the best video player for windows. I have also made a filtered list of best music player for Android. Read here.

If you are using the latest Windows – Windows 10 then either you are playing your video on Windows Media Player or movies and TV software of Windows. I think both software for Windows does not fulfill our criteria for playing videos. Many new users on Windows just ask their colleagues or friends or family members for best video player for windows but actually, they give true opinions only not correct opinions.

The following best video player for windows list is from top to bottom means best player based on my opinion is at the top.

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Best Video player for Windows

1.) VLC Media Player

best video player for Windows

It is the best video player existing in the market with the maximum positive reviews. I will not conflict anyone putting it in second or third position because I also know that VLC media player is the best one. VLC is at the top in this segment of Market because of its UI, availability, and support.

VLC is not only for windows, you can get it on Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. VLC is too popular in the market that sometimes computer sellers pre-installed it in Windows. Many Pro users of VLC don’t know about these unknown features of VLC media player.

VLC developers fix their bugs regularly to match all the needs of users. Maximum audio and video formats can be played on VLC as it supports many Codecs. But everything is not perfect, if really everything is perfect then no words such as Alternative exists. So there are many alternatives for VLC as well.

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2.) KM Player

best video player for windows

KM Player is the second most used video player after VLC media player. The dark UI of KM player is too good which make your video watching experience better than VLC. It is not widely available as VLC, you will not get it on Linux which is the most favorite operating system for programmers and hackers.

I don’t know you suffered from the problem of “not playing audio” in VLC or not but I suffered. Many times I download a video and the audio is not supported on VLC but the audio and video perfectly play on KM Player. The reason for this is that internal codecs are available in KM Player.

The sound quality of KMPlayer is better than VLC media player which will enhance your video watching experience. You can easily convert any video in 360 VR mode or 3D mode using KM Player by just tapping the options which are available at the bottom side.

best video player for Windows

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3.) GOM Media Player

best video player for windows

GOM Video Player is also a good Video Player available in the market. It is really a good video player but the bad feature which I noticed in this is that you will get many ads on this software.

GOM Media Player has its own screen recording service which has many positive reviews. You will get inbuilt service to download Codec if your video or audio is not supportable. The features which I liked most about GOM player is that it has its own subtitle library on official site and you will get subtitles in many languages of mostly movies released worldwide. It can also make any video into 360 VR mode and it is better than KM player for this feature. This player is only available on Windows.

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4.) DivX Media Player

best video player for windows

DivX is the video player which not only supports normal videos but supports 4K videos also. After installing DivX, you will notice that it has similar Dark UI like KM Player.

You can connect the video which you are streaming on DivX to other devices such as Xbox, PS3 by “cast to” feature at bottom side. You can cast videos to your Android mobile also. The best feature of is that you can see “recently watched” video where you left. There are many advanced audio options which will make your sound quality better during video watching.

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5.) Media Player Classic Home Cinema. (MPC-HC)

best video player for windows

This is a light video player for windows. If you are conscious of space then you should use it because I think you will not compromise with the basic features of video player during using it.

It is almost similar to VLC and the UI is easier than VLC. Maybe you will not notice any difference between VLC and MPC-HC. The options in the menu bar are almost similar to VLC. The only reason to use it is that if you have less space in your system.

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6.) Real Player

best video player for windows

This video player is also a light video player for Windows. It is also available on Mac but not on Linux. If you ever used Nokia old smartphones which came with Symbian OS then you know that the real player was the inbuilt video player on those Nokia smartphones. But now Nokia is dead as well as this video player is also dead.

I put this video player in this list of the best video player for windows because many reviewers think that it is a good, handy and light video player for windows. A Good feature in this video player is that you can make videos private.  After installing Real Player, you will notice that an upper button will appear every time on each browser available on your PC which will help you to download any video on Internet. It is a good feature and you will not get it in any video player. This feature will also decrease your dependence on IDM.

best video player for windows

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7.) Media monkey

best video player for windows

Again a light video player. This video player is the lightest video player I found with maximum useful features. The UI is mixed up of VLC and KM Player.

As it has a Dark UI like KM Player but the options at menu bar are similar to VLC.

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This is all about the best video player for windows. As I told you, I filtered the list of best video players on my opinion and positive reviews from reviewers. The best reviewer is your own self, so I would suggest you choose the best video player from this list based on your need.

At last, Happy video watching


  1. I think you should know that KMPlayer’s younger brother, PotPlayer (by the same developer after he left KMPlayer project) has been out for quite some time and is much more advanced than VLC or KMPlayer


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