Best Windows 10 Features and Facts – What We Should Know

windows 10 timeline feature
Source: TheVerge

As a lot of people say that the advent of Windows 10 has offered a new life to the Windows, I, too, agree with the same. It is an amazing operating system integrated with several modern features. It comes with a totally new version of Windows with all new features and looks. All these have been embedded into this new operating system with the motif of correcting the issues that the previous versions of Windows 7 and 8 had lacked.

Instead of one annual update that used to be incorporated to Windows at an interval of few years, the case is completely different at present. Redmond now adds updates to Windows on a semi-annual basis. The last update was made in the month of April and was named as the April 2018 update. All these updates are purposefully made to ensure that users are able to save and manage their time in a better way. You can also choose to install the update manually from Update Assistant utility from Microsoft’s website. Even if you have been using Windows 10, there might be certain facts that are not under your notice. So, here are they:

The Timeline Feature

Timeline includes showing out the activities that you have performed on your iOS or Android smartphone. However, this is applicable provided that you have got either Office or Edge installed in it.

Timeline stores all your activities in the Microsoft Cloud for it to work between devices. In case you do not want it, you can always choose the option to disable it in the Settings or trying another way out by setting it to work on local machine.This is a really awesome feature of a windows 10 since it allows you to go back up to 30 days to view the files that you have then worked with!

windows 10 timeline feature
Source: TheVerge

Focus Assist

It is really irritating when you see notifications popping up every time. This mostly bothers when you are engaged with either your compulsory assignment or your load of work. This feature of Windows 10 prevents you to get distracted by email notifications or social media gossips during your working hours.

Thus, you may choose to disable this when you are at work and then enable it as soon as you have finished your job. Once your task is done and you enable this “Focus Assist” feature, you would be receiving the whole set of information about the things that you have missed while working.

focus assist windows 10
Source: AddictiveTips


This is truly an interesting feature of Windows 10. However, it cannot make the punctuation accordingly. Although it will take all the speech that you offer in its consideration, it fails to recognize the instruction that you give it for punctuation. It has been a long time that users could really find Microsoft to be strong enough in considering speech technology.

Simply by hitting the Windows Key-H hotkey combination, you can now Enter any text with your voice. Just hit the keys after you are ready to put your speech into text. Make sure that you are located within the text entry space by simply taking your cursor over there and then start talking. This is a helpful feature for users who feel pain in their fingers after they have typed a little. It is really a good feature for the ones who had to work all throughout the day. So, this would give you a break while actually your work will remain on.

dictation windows 10
Source: WindowsCentral

A Better Edge

When it comes to internet browsers, you see the maximum votes for Google Chrome. In the same way, Microsoft has still been working to ensure that the Edge browser is doing well in the competition of browsers. The updated version of Windows 10 has got this Edge browser featured with an audio icon and it depends totally on the user, so you can choose to mute or unmute it whenever you feel like.

The software includes a wide range of features that are dedicated enough to surf the web at a much easier pace as well as ensure doing so with the minimum amount of interruptions. You can adjust the screen size as per your requirement as well as start shopping and read books and PDFs too over there. The clean interface free from all clutters is surely a stunning reality of this browser.

microsoft edge

Sharing Brings Joy

Yeah, definitely, Microsoft follows this quotation, “Sharing brings joy”. With the 2018 update, Windows 10 has now made it easier and faster to share documents, files, websites and more. You can keep sharing data now to the nearby devices that have also been using the flagship OS of Microsoft.

It is quite similar to that of Apple’s AirDrop feature and works even more efficient than that of Bluetooth. If you have your friends and colleagues located nearby, then instead of choosing to email them a file that may require few minutes, you can instantly share them via this feature.

windows 10 sharing
Source: Windows Blog

Bluetooth Boost

The Bluetooth of the Windows 10 seems to have come up with a boost to work faster. It creates a notification and then sends it to you via a pop up that appears to you in front of the screen. This ensures easy connecting with the nearby Bluetooth devices. Just as the dialog box comes up on the screen, you would simply need to hit on the “Pair” button therein and the corresponding device would be connected to yours.

This is how you can considering pairing up with all nearby Bluetooth accessories at ease. This process has turned to be simpler and easier all due to the availability of the Windows 10 update.

bluetooth windows 10
Source: TheWindowsClub

All these updates have raised Windows 10 to a completely different level in terms of popularity. It has also enhanced user experience and thus, Windows 10 have really got into fame! These facts make Windows 10 really awesome!


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