Facts you should know about Windows 10

Facts you should know about Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest windows made by Microsoft and it comes with many new features, new look, new applications and a new browser. It also comes with many additional things which you don’t know, and today we come to know you all about these new things.

#1. Different Editions of Windows 10

Microsoft developed many editions of WIndows 10 that are customised for many different devices, it comes with 6 editions. Pro, Home, Mobile Enterprise, Mobile, Education, and Enterprise.

The Home Edition is for the users who use their PCs at home, Pro added some new and extra features which help small businesses like protection of sensitive data and support for mobile and remote productivity.

Facts you should know about Windows 10

You can upgrade your genuine Windows 7 starter Home Premium, Home Basic and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Home. And Windows 10 Pro is available as a free upgrade for genuine users of Windows 7 Pro and ultimate and Windows 8.1 Pro.

The enterprise version of Windows 10 comes with some advanced features to meet the needs of medium and large size organizations. The Education edition of Windows 10 is developed for students and schools or educational organizations.

#2. Windows 10 preview is free

Facts you should know about Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally developed after 5 million Windows insider feedbacks which help to test the preview build of Windows 10 and provide 800k feedbacks to the company’s engineers to make a better Windows 10 final product. In return, Microsoft is providing a free copy of Windows 10 preview under the Windows Insider Program.

This means you can use Windows 10 preview version for free and this will continue for the time when you upgrade continuously your Windows 10 preview to the latest preview builds. It is like you are using a beta version of Windows 10 which remains free forever.

#3. Microsoft passport, Device guard, and Windows Hello

Windows 10 comes with many security features which help users to secure their device data. Device guard is a security feature that helps organizations to lock down the devices as an advanced malware protection feature. It blocks everything except the trusted applications which are signed by vendors, Windows Store or by the organization.

Windows Hello is a biometric authentication feature which provides an instant access to the Windows 10 devices. You can set your face or fingerprint or Iris recognition which helps to provide the ultimate level of security to your device.

The Microsoft Passport is another enterprise-grade two-factor authentication feature which helps to protect business data and other online experiences easier than ever before. It also helps to login security into many system parts and applications without a password.

#4. Microsoft edge

This is upgraded version of Internet Explorer which comes with many additional features. The code name of this browser is Project Spartan. It comes with a brand new rendering engine which improves the performance and provides distinctive sharing functionality.

Facts you should know about Windows 10

The Microsoft edge browser is way faster than the world’s fastest browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari. It is attached or integrated with the Microsoft artificial intelligence Cortana which is always ready to join when you are typing or performing any searches.

#5. App store

The new Windows 10 comes with an application store which helps users to find their most used applications easily. This Store has enough applications for a daily user. You can easily download your favorite apps and games purchase and update them across all your devices because it is connected with all the windows devices like Tablets, Mobile, Xbox, Microsoft Surface hub, Microsoft Holo lens.

Facts you should know about Windows 10

You can stream games from your Xbox One console directly to your PC.

#6. Cortana

This is a new artificial intelligence of Windows which helps you to answer all your questions like Apple Siri and Google Now does. It works or interacts with users naturally via typing or talking and provide relevant recommendations, better searches, quick access to information and important reminders.

Facts you should know about Windows 10

You can also use this AI to play music, open apps, send emails and even implements and notebook features which helps you to manage your personal information.

#7. Snaps & Continuum

This feature designed for two-in-one hybrid devices like Microsoft Surface which allows users to conveniently shift between desktop and tablet mode. You can use this feature to move easily between keyboard/mouse and touch/tablet as it detects the transition and switches to the new mode.

Facts you should know about Windows 10

You can enable tablet mode if you like to use your desktop in tablet experience. Windows 10 also comes with various map features like Snap assist, Snap fill and Corner Snap. Which allows users to effortlessly move Windows as they want them on their desktop.

Whenever you put one window to the half side of the screen, the snap assist shows the list of active Windows to show as the list of the active wines to choose the second Window for the other half of the screen. The Corner Snap lets users create powerful layouts of three or four Windows was napping them to the corners of the desktop. And finally, the Snap fill optimises the size of the second window to automatically fill up this available empty space.

#8. Virtual desktops

This feature helps you to make another desktop to simplify your work experience. This feature comes from the Linux and Mac OS X as it can be used to group or arrange applications to ease of Management and improve the productivity.

Facts you should know about Windows 10

You can activate this by pressing Tasks View icon in the Taskbar or by pressing Windows + tab keys. And then click on the new desktop button which is present at the bottom right corner to create a new virtual desktop.

#9. Windows 10 is last Windows

Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10“. This is the statement from Jerry Nixon, Microsoft’s developer evangelist, speaking at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. Is this the end of Windows?


Microsoft is changing the approach of building and delivering the next-gen Windows. There won’t be a Windows 11 just after a year to cost you bucks, but your same Windows 10 will get incremental updates adding features and improving stability and performance of the same for next several years.

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