How to Boost Your TV Antenna Signal

Do you want better, uninterrupted ways to enjoy your TV shows? Are you feeling the slow build-up of frustration every time you try and fail to get...
Windows 10 dark theme

3 ways to enable Windows 10 dark theme to reduce Eye strain.

Dark UI is really an awesome UI for any device. But Before the 2016 anniversary of Windows, every user was waiting for the dark mode in windows....
dual boot windows 10 and linux

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux (Basically Ubuntu)?

Computer Geeks or Tech Enthusiasts love Linux due to its availability easily. And if you are a Hacker (Either White Hat or Black Hat) then you definitely...
activate siri

How you can activate Siri in your iPhone?

Think,If you get lost in an unknown place with your Apple iPhone and don't know where to go then internet is your last way but this net...
iPhone Emojis for Android

3 ways to get iPhone emojis for Android to express your emotions.

We all use emojis in our every post, chat, update and now even we are using them in our selfies too, but there is down point in...

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