Some Cool Google Tricks which will definitely surprise you


Google is the most used Search Engine worldwide.But there are Some cool google tricks which you can see by typing some keywords in Google Search.

1.) Cool google tricks: zerg rush

If you type this keyword to google search than a game will be started in which some zeroes come and will start to eat the all around content.You have to destroy the zeroes before they eat the content.

cool google tricks


2.)Cool google tricks: atari breakout

If you type this keyword in Google search and Click on images than a game will start which will remind you yours childhood game “HoneyComb“.

cool google tricks

3.) Cool Googe Tricks: askew

When you type this keyword to Google Search than nothing useful happen.This is only for entertainment.Your Google Screen will tilt slightly after typing askew.

cool google tricks


4.) Cool Google Tricks: Google Gravity

Google Gravity shows you How Gravity works on Google? By typing this keyword and open the first link you will reach to a google page where if you move Cursor, Everything will fall down on screen and you can these things anywhere on the screen.

cool google tricks


5.) Cool Google Tricks: Do a barrel roll

This is also the fun trick.By writing these keywords, your Google Screen will revolve around the center of Screen.


cool google tricks

6.)  Cool Google Tricks: Google Orbit

By typing these keywords and click on the first link, the menus will be starting to revolve around the Google Search Box in an orbit.You can click on any link during revolving.

cool google tricks


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