FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) Definition and Advantages


FOTA Definition  

FOTA, Firmware over-the-air. This is a special feature supported by around 30% of smartphones. If your smartphone gets any update either it is a software update or it is an android update, if your smartphone have the feature of FOTA, you can update your phone wirelessly (without connecting your PC and Smartphone).


The other 70% smartphones also get their updates or upgrades, but they are not able to update your smartphone without connecting it to your PC. FOTA contains android upgrade, iOS upgrade, software updates, VOLTE update etc.

The main advantage of OTA update is:

  1. It is officially manufactured by the company of any smartphone.
  2. Easy to download and install.
  3. Just set your smartphone to automatically update only on wifi, sit back and relax.
  4. Save you from face the difficulties like installing it by PC.



As you see, over-the-air sounds like you can get the update directly on your smartphone.

Latest smartphones like Apple/Samsung J series, A series, S series/Xiaomi Note series/Nexus/One Plus/Moto G, X series etc.


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