How hacking tricks can keep you out of trouble?


Modern phones are smarter than us, aren’t they? Loaded with infinite jaw dropping features like front and rear-facing cameras, facial and fingerprint recognition, heart pulse and health monitors and access to boundless apps galore, they are like oxygen to our lives. Some people are quick to learn the highly sophisticated smartphones of today but most of the devices are user-friendly enough to be praised for usability.

Not many people are aware of the plethora of smartphone features at their disposal. Even today’s tech-savvy people are unaware of every tip and hack in the book to get most from their device. But hacking into other’s device is even impossible to execute.

With the wealth of information available about technological breakthroughs, it has become even harder to hack into other devices. There are Android mobile tracker apps or some technical hacking methods to hack into others devices.

Plenty of tips and tricks are employed to hack into others devices but only a few are mastered through peculiar skills. Here I am presenting a few tried and tested methods that will change your relationship with your smartphone device.

Public WIFI Networks are Hacking Gateways!

Sneaking into a stranger’s smartphone through a public network is a hot opportunity. Usually people are connected through their home networks, but since internet is their holy grail they will always connect to public WIFI networks while they are out for shopping banking etc.

Hackers can easily swipe their personal information through these public WIFI networks which are open and easily penetrable. Hackers can spoof their personal and financial information. Besides Instant-messaging and other social media apps may contain security holes that allow hackers to sneak the targets personal data.

But there is a downside to this method, if a person has his cellular network or the network available is secure, there is no way one can access the smartphone for hacking.

Android Apps for Spying are in Vogue:

Android mobile tracker apps like xnspy are the new ‘cyber world order’ for spying. These apps have made hacking into smartphones easier than ever. The best solution to hacking is a spying app. Easier to use and implement, these apps are easily available with plenty of features to access the target’s information. They are loaded with features like no other hacking technique. I will elaborate only a few of their cool features:

Hack Text Messages: Android apps for spying can hack text messages so one can easily know who they are talking to and they even inform about time and location.

Monitor Social Networks: Hacking into individual social media accounts would be almost impossible, these apps can give a complete guide of social media activity on networks like Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Track GPS Location: These apps provide the location of the target through GPS of the phone. And also provide features like geo-fencing. This feature is very helpful for employers who are always concerned about making most of their employees’ time.

24/7 Alerts: Surveillance apps provide round the clock monitoring and they provide all the data to monitor the target’s activities. They have an easier to access dashboard that provides all the details.

Watch list: Spying apps like also offer a watchlist feature in which one can add the list of people to be monitored or any words. Watch list is another of their unique features that is helpful for not only hackers but also concerned parents. Parents can be alerted when a specific word or a person calls their children.

Phishing is a Hackers star trick!

Phishing is a usual and tried and tested way used by black hat hackers to steal or spoof your data. Easier to design and implement, phishing is the oldest of methods to hack into the smartphone devices. In this way a hacker designs a website that resembles the destination website. When the user click the duplicate website, it stores the user’s password and data.

Using specially crafted email messages to induce a recipient into divulging personal or financial information is the basis of a phishing attack – and hackers have improved on the technique by using social engineering to add an element of increased urgency into their lures.

Usually phishing websites are designed keeping the same outlook like the other website. The only catch is their domain. People are fooled by the domain and they end up clicking the wrong website. Boom!

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