How to send WhatsApp message who has blocked you?


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. It is a popular saying nowadays that WhatsApp is the 4th basic need after bread, cloth, and house. Privacy feature is good in WhatsApp that if you don’t want to talk to a person then you can block him easily.

But sometimes when a person blocked you then you may think that How to do a message to the person who has blocked you.

Today, I will tell you the answer to your question. The method which I’m going to tell you is completely ethical and Secure but lengthy.

So let’s move to the guide for how to message If someone blocked you on Whatsapp.

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#Step 1: This plan is worthful when a third person will help you. Engagement of a third person is needed in this plan. This person should be a common friend of you and the person who has blocked you.

#Step 2: This step is very simple. Just ask the person who is the common friend to make a group in which he/she, you and the person who has blocked you are members. This is not over. Don’t get over excited after this to start talking to that person. Wait for the next step.

#Step 3: Now the person who made this group have to left the group. This sounds funny but it’s true that for your comfort zone of you and the person who has blocked you, he has to quit the group. Now you and the person who has blocked you can talk easily. The talk will be more comfortable if the person who blocked you don’t know your number.

Now you can clear all the misunderstanding with the person who has blocked you because you got a private space for the talk.

If you are guilty of your faults then the person will definitely forgive you.

You can move this matter to more safer side by risking your private space with the third person. If the third person is a good friend of you and the person who blocked you then you will not shy with that person and can increase the length of your conversation to clear more misunderstandings. Whatsapp has many limited features but We know an App name – GBWhatsApp which has more feature than Whatsapp. Read More about Gbwhatsapp.




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