15+ Best Windows 10 custom themes for you in 2017.


Computer Geeks mostly use Windows over any operating system due to its easy interface and user-friendly interfaces. Microsoft is popular in the market for the interface basically ( We know about their security ?). Window 10 has very good reviews for their UI but there are many critics also who said Windows 10 not good with default Windows 10 theme. That’s why people look for Windows 10 custom themes.

We can do many tweaks with default Windows 10 theme like the mouse pointer, wallpapers or anything basic things but are you satisfied with that? My answer is no. After few days of Windows 10 launch, I started to look for best Windows 10 themes and found many ones including inbuilt Windows 10 dark theme.

So before discussing best Windows 10 custom themes, we will discuss many other aspects also like why? and how?

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Why you need a custom theme for Windows 10 from the third party?

There are many default themes available for Windows 10. But you can’t do many things with that themes which are really not good for a computer geek. A computer geek does not want to change wallpapers on Mouse pointers only. They need a lot more.

This is the reason¬†third party Windows custom themes are becoming favorite in the market. With the custom theme you can change each and everything in the UI or we can say we can do a man it to it’s with UI elements. You can change Windows control button looks, style or you can customise dialogue boxes.

Microsoft doesn’t like that we installed a Windows 10 theme which is not signed by Microsoft due to security issues. By the way, we should appreciate Microsoft that they updated Windows 10 a lot to remove its each and every bug. That’s why they don’t like customisation with their themes.

If you don’t want to hurt Microsoft intentions ? then you can visit Microsoft site where they have provided a lot of free themes including categories like landscapes, nature, bikes, architecture etc. But you have to remind that there are very limited features in those free themes.

You may be wondered why Microsoft is so strict with third party themes which are available free on the Internet. Microsoft wants to protect your peace is from any type of viruses and malware as which are available on the mostly free themes available on the internet. This is the reason which given by Microsoft for restricting third party themes. But actually I think, they are not sure with their own security. Be like Linux ?.

The Internet is full of many bad websites, So you have to be aware whenever you download a theme from third-party sites. In my opinion, the best way to recognized a product from third party site.is its community. If many people are recommending it then you don’t have to worry about it.

How to install custom Windows 10 themes?

Here we will use a Patcher Software for install custom Windows 10 themes. This software is safe to use but keep in mind that they make changes to the some important files of your OS. So before installing it read the instruction which will be going during installation. I will suggest you to backup important data also.

Step 1: Download UltraUXThemePatcher.

Step 2: Run it with administrator access.

Step 3: Now install it.

Step 4: When you have installed it then reboot your PC. .

Now you need to download a good Windows 10 custom themes. I will discuss a lot of time in the next section, so you can leave this section for a while and decide a good theme from my next section and come here again.

Here I am taking the example of Deviantart’s Maverick team.

Step 5: Download your favourite theme.

Now you have to install Windows 10 custom themes which is not similar to the usual installing of apps in Windows.

Step 6: Now go to the Theme folder in the Download section in your PC. Now there you will find one folder which contain .msstyles files and one file with .theme extension. Copy both.

Step 7: Now go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and paste which you copied previously.

Step 8: Now double click on .theme extension file.

Be happy! Installing has been done now. Enjoy your windows 10 custom theme.

UltraUXThemePatcher is good but if it does not work for you then you can use UxStyle or UXTheme Multi-Patcher.

Best Windows 10 custom themes

1.) Seda Windows 10 Theme

Seda Windows 10 custom theme

2.) Dash

dash Windows 10 custom theme

3.) Penumbra 10

Penumbra 10 Windows 10 theme

4.) Ubuntu Theme for Windows 10

ubunto Theme for windows 10

5.) Oxford

Oxford Windows 10 Theme

6.) Hover Dark theme for Windows 10

Hover dark custom theme for windows 10

7.) FFox theme for Windows 10

ffox windows 10 custom theme

8.) Flattastic

9.) Mac OS X Yosemite (Light) Theme for Windows 10

mac custom theme for windows

10.) Clear 3.0 glass Windows 10 theme

Clear 3.0

11.) Nocturnal W10

noctural theme for windows 10

12.) Comood minimal theme for Windows 10

comood Windows 10 custom theme

13.) Needy Theme for Windows 10.

14.) Nome Theme for Windows 10

Nome WIndows 10 Custom theme

15.) Macnificent theme for Windows 10

Magnificient theme for windows 10

Binding Up

So these are some of the best windows 10 custom themes available in the market. I have covered almost every section related to custom themes for windows 10 like How to install it safely, Why should we install it in Windows 10. If you still have any query, Ask us in Comment Section.

As I told you there are many issues with 3rd party themes for windows 10, So take care every precaution which I mentioned above. If you still have any query, Ask us in Comment Section.


    • Hi James. The theme at the top is made by using a program called “Rainmeter”. It allows infinite customization and supports hundreds of desktop tools from calendars to system information monitors to RSS feeds etc. Definitely worth checking out! Here’s a link to the site for you-


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