X-VPN Review: Your Privacy, Our Priority!

x-vpn review

Since artificial intelligence was invented, the world does not have a right to be private. Why do we love the internet so much? It would be a justifiable answer that it gives information and answers to our every question, entertainment as well as social networks within a few seconds.

Despite such great qualification, it snatches away our freedom to be private. It is really difficult to accept that internet is not really perfect because you are being monitored every second.

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X-VPN Review 2018

Today it is really important to be smart and safe at the same point in time. Though government took so long to understand the idea of privacy the X-VPN is one name that remained stagnant and delivered the most lucrative VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to every corner of the world.

The only concern of X-VPN is to bring the most private networks and website accesses which allows you to have a complete internet experience. Let us now through some light on the key features of X-VPN that makes it unique amongst the entire industry.

Why Choose X-VPN?

It is right to speak about X-VPN that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” because it is a pioneer brand in the league that includes the most qualified features and provides legendary end-results which will make everything hassle free and less troublesome.

GUI (Graphic User Interface)

The most basic feature of X-VPN is its simple user interface. It has the most sophisticated features that will help even the beginner to interact with the virtual devices through the graphic icons. You just have to click on the on/off buttons to yourself connected or disconnected. You can even get the faster server for your desired location by just pressing the “Fastest Server” button flashing on the screen. The one major attribute of X-VPN is that you are not supposed to create an official account of yours or sign yourself in to have an access to the network.

Global Servers: Present Virtually

You will surely be amazed to know that X-VPN has widely spread services including U.S., U.K., India, Japan, Hong Kong, and the UAE. X-VPN is serving these countries from decades but if you are using the connection in one country then you will be limited to the only single location because X-VPN does not allow you to get connected to any other countries.

There are many locations available in the list which are restricted or in other words, some services or networks are only reserved for the users who have paid for the networks. So if you are looking for free networks or users then you will only get the connections for just 21 locations in 13 countries.

Speed: That Moves Faster

X-VPN is one network where the speed will differ between the free and premium servers. As we know that a basic Wi-Fi that gives us approximately 10Mbps at best. When you connect to the X-VPN server then you will actually see 370 ms when you connect your server to the Santa Clara and you can expect an exclusive speed.

Reliable: Be Dependable

We are living in a world where networks threaten our privacy and do not allow us to be friendly with the technology. X-VPN gives you complete security where your connections will never get linked to your computer. X-VPN is reliable not only because it provides great speed but also give you the most reliable connections which you can trust.

What Can Platforms Use X-VPN?

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Linux

X-VPN: Pricing & Plans

The company offers the two different kind pricing policies which are easy to acquire and economic. The one is for premium users where you will need to pay $48 or $72 for a one-year subscription and the other starts from $7.99 to $11.99 for every month. The X-VPN services are available for all the Windows, iOS, Android as well as for macOS users.

X-VPN: Categories

X-VPN has two categories that get different service networks. The first one in the category is the free users that means they will be provided with the little fewer servers and also they will be restricted to just 500MB of data.

Whereas the other category in the list is premium users that means they will get the high-speed servers and for that, they will have to pay for the subscription.

Go Private, Become Anonymous

We all love the idea of freedom and to fulfill all your privacy needs X-VPN makes you unidentifiable because you will always be using a different and unique IP address.

And you will be able to see the whole world by getting invisible. We have seen that most of the connections have a minimum key size of 256 bits. But, X-VPN provides you more exclusive privacy features that support more.

Protect Your DNS

X-VPN will protect you from DNS leakage which means internet service providers always assign your IP address and default DNS server which records all your internet activities. Under such conditions, X-VPN will help you solve this false sense of security and give relief to your private data.

Access Your Favourite Websites

IP address acts behind the scene and cleverly collects all your important information and data and while working on internet you get restricted to some of the websites and fail to access them but, X-VPN with all its most advanced features let you access all the websites and this VPN supports all the website where you can get friendly with all the sites.

Access P2P Protocol

You must be familiar to the term called “Torrent” and X-VPN is one name that will never limit any users to browse anything on the internet platform but at the same point of time you can only use it relevant issues and it is completely available for both the free and premium users.

Final Words

X-VPN is one private network platform whose efficiency can never be questioned. This VPN network has come up with a lot of possibilities which let you access all the restricted website which you otherwise cannot.

It brings you the most exclusive private policies and networks that will always keep you away from the internet world that always collects your data and track your actions and with the help of X-VPN, you can keep your facts safe and secure.



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