Best Websites from where you can download paid games for free and legally.


We all love games, off course you are reading this article then it is obvious you love games. We can play games on our smartphones too, but the graphic quality of games in PC is more powerful, that is the main reason all gamers prefer PCs for gaming. So, today we come back with some amazing websites from where you can download games for free and legally.



If you are a pro gamer then you must know about Steam, and if you are new to gaming then this website will help you to download games for free and legally. They had a huge community and groups that provide paid games for free of any charge.

Free Games GiveAways has more than 13K users and provide games legally. Game GiveAway Group is one of the biggest active community who has given away more than 100K games.


Gamulator is a website dedicated to providing ROM’s and emulators for all the retro gaming consoles including but not limited to GBA, NES, SNES, MAME, NDS and N64. With that being said, Gamulator is one-stop for all your retro gaming needs, allowing you to play your favorite retro game titles on your computer or smartphone using the best available emulators. The website is easy to navigate and the game downloading process is straightforward, so visit the website, pick your favorite games and enjoy the old gaming experience.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

This is an online video game retailer from the United Kingdom and has more than fifty-two hundred games from more than four hundred and fifty game publishers. This website wins more than twenty-five awards and latest of their award is from MCV Awards 2017.

They organised a monthly giveaway for the paid games. If you already own the game they give you the key to the game or if you don’t have the game, then they will give it to someone else.

This website has been around more than twenty years. The motto of the website is “By Gamers, for Gamers“. It got this name from “Dirty Little Helper” because they mostly post game tricks and cheats.

They provide free steam game keys and also give free Steam Keys for new users who sign up on their website.



This is a digital distribution platform service for films and video games. This website is operated by GOG Limited and is a fully controlled subsidiary of CD Projekt.

They also organise many giveaways at least 2 or 3 premium games per year, and this giveaway last for around forty-eight hours. GOG signed a deal on March,26. 2009 with Ubisoft which provides them to issue games from Ubisoft’s back catalogue.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

This website is amazing for downloading the games for free and they also help people from their Charity. They donate some of their profit to the charity and remaining is divided between the game developers.

They also provide Steam key giveaway and they also have a subreddit for requests and giveaways so that you can get free premium games legally.


This is best for gamers because they have a huge community of gamers here, you can learn how to sponsor giveaways, how to become a member, and how to user SteamGifts from their FAQ section.

You need a Steam account so that the community members can easily find your profile in case you won anything or when they want to reach you.

Reddit’s free games subreddit

Reddit is very helpful to connect or join any community from you home, there are many subreddits which help gamers to reach to free games, r/freegames is the most outstanding.

There are some more websites from where you can download free games:

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