Top 5 Sites to make cartoon of yourself.


You can make a cartoon which looks same as you are, there are some websites which helps you to make a cartoon. You can design complete face of yours as they have many things to choose from like skin color, face design, hair color etc. These websites are free to use.


This is one of the best websites to design yourself, this is free to use so that you can make your cartoon or design some one else. This is best for who want to design an anime cartoon.

It has a very easy to use User Interface which helps you to design your cartoon step by step, and when you finished in designing your cartoon character then you can download it for free.

Portrait Illustration Maker

This is another website by which you can make your cartoon but you can download your cartoon in .png format with a transparent background which helps you that you can use your designed cartoon on any image without any problem.

You can see what I made it for myself. You can customize your cartoon with many available features present on this website.

Cartoon Photo

It has a different feature like you can give emotions to a steady image, I am amazed when I tried this feature, you can make any image cartoonish but it doesn’t work that much.

Then you can share your designed image or save it on your device. I designed this image of The Rock.


You can create a 3D animated avatar from this website but for that, you need to log in first with your email or Facebook account. After that, all the things are free for use, but you need to earn some coins by playing the game which is annoying for me. You can play games on this website too.

When you are finished designing your avatar then you can download it and use anywhere on your social media accounts.

Pick a Face

The user interface of this website is so easy to use. The cartoon you build from this site will look like a professional animated because of the site maintain the quality.

There are limited options while making the cartoon. I made a cartoon by myself.

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