5 step to activate Developer Options in your Android device

Becoming a developer is the dream of every tech lover. You are always curious about how to modify your android device. So here I m going to...
desktop backup password

Create Desktop Backup Password in your Android device

Desktop backup password setting allows you to specify a password which will be used to encrypt full desktop backups you perform over USB. Android's USB debugging feature includes...
Android Safe Mode

Android Safe Mode feature reboot android in safe mode

It can help you to save any Important things Without Bug of the Stock/Custom Rom. As we could reboot our computers, we can also reboot Android phones in...
activate siri

How you can activate Siri in your iPhone?

Think,If you get lost in an unknown place with your Apple iPhone and don't know where to go then internet is your last way but this net...
How to use wifi direct

How to use Wifi Direct?Quick file transfer through Wifi Direct

File transfer is always a big mess and if using bluetooth then solving this mess become difficult.But Wifi Direct is the best way to get the files in seconds.So...

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