How to Enable Location tracking feature on Windows


Our devices are very precious for us, that is why we take care of them a lot, but we miss some important things like some of the inbuilt features of our devices helps in tracking them. There is also a tracking feature available in Windows 10 but some of us know about this. So, this is a complete guide of How to Enable Location tracking feature on Windows.

This feature work on those computers who have a GPS chip and a cellular connection. If your laptop or computer has all the things then you can follow the further steps:

  • First open and enable the location services of your system, For that, open the Start Menu and type “Location privacy settings” in the search bar.

Location Privacy Settings

  • Click on the first setting appear on the Start Menu, and then check the location settings is enabled or not, if not Click on “Change” under the “Location” and enable it.

Turn Location On

  • Finally the location services in enabled now again open the Start menu and search for “Find My Device”.

Find My Device

  • Click on it and now Click on “Change” & enable it.

Turn Find My Device On

  • Now all the settings are enabled and now you can finally check or locate your device from Microsoft’s official website. For that go to the “Find my device” tab to view your device’s location.

Microsoft Link

  • You will next see something like this.

Track Laptop

Credits: Beebom

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