How can you join Anonymous Group? Become Biggest Hacktivist.


Anonymous is the biggest hacktivist group on the globe.They have only one vision which is Social Freedom.Supporters have called the group “freedom fighters” and digital Robin Hoods while critics have described them as “a cyber lynch-mob “. Join Anonymous is not an easy task, it is difficult as much as climbing Mt. Everest.But not lose hope, I am here to tell you the method to Join Anonymous.

Things Keep in Mind Before you Join Anonymous

You have to learn a lot before becoming a part of the Anonymous group or an Anon.You should have a good knowledge of hacking with an experience of one to three years. It Depends on how tech savvy and brilliant you are.

>Few Things to learn before Join Anonymous

Here I am giving you some data which provide the information about Anonymous.It helps you to know about the power of Anonymous and Why am I calling it the biggest hacktivist group.

      1. First of all, Read the wiki of Anonymous and know all the basic things about Anonymous.
      2. There is a documentary from Anonymous Official channel which shows How Anonymous change the world.
      3. Aaron Swartz was an Anonymous.His family revealed a statement that,” He used his prodigious skills as a programmer and technologist not to enrich himself but to make the Internet and the world a fairer, better place”.He hanged himself on January 11, 2013.His story shows that How much it is difficult to be an Anon which can lead you to death sometimes.

join anonymous

Documentary on Aaron Swartz
Wiki of Aaron Swartz

There are many other things which are popular about Anons and Anonymous Group.Google it to know more about it


>Best Platform For being Anonymous

The Answer is simple that is Linux.Linux is the open source OS for your PC and it is the safest OS and maintains your anonymity.But if you are new to Linux and don’t know much about Linux then I would prefer you to read my post on Best Linux Distro which helps you to choose Best Linux OS based on your priority.

>Anonymity & Privacy

This is the hard part for you.You have to keep your anonymity during browsing also.Tor Browser is the safest browser which will keep your information private and make the chains of IPs which help you to prevent your IP.


>Fake identity

As I said many times, Being An Anon is not an Easy task. You have to compromise with many things.For an Anon, Either you have to forget your identity or make a Fake identity. As I am writing this post and you know my name then definitely

>Join Anonymous!

      • After learning Hacking, Show it to the world of web and do the things which will take you the front of eyes of an Anonymous Hacker.
      • Connect on one of their IRC servers (you’ll have to Google that up).
      • Join the channel #OpNewBlood on twitter


Now If you want to learn Hacking then You have to do your best.After becoming a perfect hacker, You can join Anonymous by your skills.

Like this FB page by an Anon.

Here I am giving you a video as a Bonus which will teach you hacking


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