Top 35 Unknown facts of google which will amaze you.


Today we are discussing some fun facts about Google. There are many facts that you don’t know, even when I was doing research, I also got amazed by looking all the facts. So without any delay, let’s start.

#1. Around 16% of the searches that occur in one-day are the new searches that Google never saw before.

#2. Google was initially started with the name “Bank rub”.

#3. You can view stars, Galaxies, constellations, and planets by the help of Google Sky Maps.

#4. On August 16, 2013, Google was not working for five minutes and the Global Traffic of internet drops by 40%.

#5. Google is the most visited site of the world, it beats the Facebook.

#6. You can pronounce any numeric value by typing a number and equals to English like (92618727374=english).

#7. Since Google started,  it is acquiring one company every week. Around 127 companies have acquired by Google in last 12 years. List of mergers and acquisitions by Alphabet, Alphabet is the parent Company of Google.

#8. Google’s first tweet is in binary language and the translation of the tweet in English is “I am feeling lucky“.

#9. You can translate more than 80 languages by the help of Google Translate.

#10. The first storage of Google was made by Legos.

#11. Google released the first version of Android on 2010 January 5 with the name of Nexus One.

#12. The domain is owned by Google.

#13. There are many subsidiaries for Google like YouTube, DoubleClick, bloggerAdMobob, Nest Labs, Virustotal.

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#14. The first Doodle released by Google was a burning man stick which came out on 30, August.1998.

#15. The name of Google gave it by an accident. The founders of Google misspelled the name “Googol” which means 1 refers to 100 zeroes.

#16. Google owns many common misspellings of their name such as,, even 466453.

#17. Google Maps tracks the speed of the Traffic by checking the speed of the Android device.

#18. The founders of Google tried to sell Google to Excite company only in 1 million dollars but Excite company refused that offer.

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#19. In one gram of DNA, you can store all the data of Facebook and Google.

#20. Google uses Goats in their headquarters of California to grazing the lawn of their headquarters.

#21. Now you can see Mars with the help of Google Mars.

#22. If you type “askew” in Google search then you will see the content will slightly tilt to the right.

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#23. The first female employee of Google was Yahoo’s CEO.

#24. Google’s unofficial tagline was “Don’t be Evil” And they dropped it in 2015.

#25. Whenever a Google employee dies their family receive half of the salary of the employee for the next 10 years and the children of the employee get $1,000 per month until they turn 19.

#26. Google Earth’s total space is around 20 petabytes.

#27. Google uses a Camel to make the Street View of the desert.

#28. Only Larry and Sergey’s private planes have the permission to land on the Runway of NASA while no other Plane is allowed to land.

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#29. According to the AI of Google, ‘the purpose of living is to live forever‘,

#30. The Google’s annual income is more than the 20 billion dollars.

#31. Google purchased Motorola for 12.5 billion dollars in 2011 and after that, they sold Motorola to Lenovo for 2.91 billion dollars.

#32. Google aims that they would scan all the books present in the market(129 million) before 2020.

#33. Google offers free condoms to their employees in which “I am Feeling Lucky” is printed and those comes in the color of red, blue, yellow, green.

#34. Microsoft will pay you if you use Bing instead of Googe. Source

#35. The “I am Feeling Lucky” button will cost Google US 110 million dollars to bypass all the ads.

So How’s this? If you like these facts then Share this post with your techie guy who wants a job in Google. And if you want to see some more tricks related to Google search, you can check the below link.

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