3 best way to learn JavaScript which will make you a Pro.

best way to learn javascript

Career opportunities in web development are increasing day by day. Programmers are choosing web development rather than software development for a good future. I am not saying that software development is bad, I am only considering today’s generation choice. There are many parts in web development. JavaScript is one of the parts of web development. Everyone stuck at this point and ask only one question that which is the best way to learn JavaScript.

Today I will discuss 3 things which can be considered as the best way to learn JavaScript.

Best Way to learn JavaScript as a beginner

1.) Don’t move on fastly.

Whenever someone tried to learn JavaScript then initially they learn basic things easily. The best way to learn JavaScript is that don’t confident that you know the particular topic.

Let me explain it more widely. Whenever you learn something from any available resource for JavaScript then you quickly move to the second part without practicing it. You have to try maximum difficult problems available for a simple logic also.

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2.) Confusion on Frameworks.

The best way to learn JavaScript is to forget about frameworks. Beginners waste a lot of time on searching best framework available for JavaScript. I understand that there are a lot of Frameworks which confuse you but your focus is to learn JavaScript, not finding a framework.

As a front end web developer, you should follow this sequence – HTML<CSS<JavaScript<Little amount of JQuery<Hosting<Wordpress<Little Bit GitHub<Framework. But mostly follows this sequence HTML<CSS<Editor<Editorrrr<Little Bit JavaScript<Framework<Little more JavaScript<Framework<Framework<Confused.

3.) Make social media as your power, not weakness

Many people say that they have no time to learn JavaScript. But on the other hand, those peoples are investing a lot of time on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit etc.

Many experts say that best way to learn JavaScript or any other language is to forget about social media. But we can’t do this as we are totally dependent on that. So you can do one thing, try to join every group available on Facebook related to JavaScript and become an essential part of that group, find a good subreddit for JavaScript, find a good YouTube channel to solve your problems.

If you do these things then social media will become your power and you will learn JavaScript fastly.

Wrap up

These are the best way to learn JavaScript as a beginner. I followed this base and I learned JavaScript very fast and became a good web developer.


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