GhostCtrl Android Rat-cum-Ransomware can spy your phone.


Virus attacks are increasing day by day including Windows, Android etc. Recently, Copycat Malware was found in 14 million Android apps. Now a GhostCtrl Android RAT is spying Android devices and can access your activities.

RAT stands for Remote Access Trojan. GhostCtrl is not the first RAT Trojan, before this also many RAT Malware came. This malware is detected by Trend Micro analysts. This spying Malware can record audio of the victim without knowing him.

This Trojan can convert into a ransomware and can ask for ransom after hacking your Android device. This Trojan can hide between any app including popular apps like WhatsApp and Pokemon go. Recently WhatsApp launched a feature of sharing Android apps from your messages. This is also one of the reasons which helped this Trojan to reach many devices.

The best way for the prevention from this Trojan is to update your firmware with the recent version, don’t use third party app which asks for users permission.


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