Safe Search by Top 5 secure search engine for your privacy.

secure search engine

You can only hide your history by the incognito tab in Chrome or Mozilla or any other browsers but are you using a secure search engine? Is your preferred search engine is safe and private?

If you are worried about your anonymity during the search on search engine then you thought that How can I do the safe search on Net?

But Before starting to tell you top 5 secure search engine, I will tell you that Any search engine will not hide your IP.You are hiding your works on the search engine to get track down easily.I mentioned easily means Your work can be tracked when a hacker moves its ass to destroy your anonymity.

If you want to anonymous of your browsing on the web then I would prefer you to choose TOR browser which is the best way to be anonymous on the web.If you want to know more about TOR browser then Read this post.

Top 10 secure search engine

  1. DuckDuckGo

    First up, We’ve got Duck Duck Go.This is probably the most well-known search engine and it is mainly used for privacy.This is the big reason why Duck Duck Go used so much.

    Search engines like google curate your data which means they take the data from the end user to you and they take that it to a big machine and they tried to figure out What websites are legit?, What websites are bad? etc.This makes google search results so good as they are knowing What you’re searching for? because they take all the data and combine it together.

    Unfortunately, Though that means they are saving your searches, So at any point of time when there would be subpoena then the government can come in and see all your searches.

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    secure search engine

  2. ixquick

    The next one is ixquick.Now this one is really interesting because this one follows the same kind of guidelines like DuckDuckGo that It doesn’t keep any information, doesn’t track your cookies, IP address.But The special thing about this one is that this one actually returns you searches through Google.

    When You type any search in the search bar of ixquick then You’ll notice that ixquick is actually taking your search, throwing it at google and Google is generating information back.This is an identical Google Search, Only difference is your IP address is not being tracked, your cookies are not being followed.

    So if you want an alternative which is similar to google but doesn’t track information then probably this one is best for you.

    secure search engine

  3. Start Page

    This secure search engine is actually made by the ixquick.So essentially, What is the difference in this? It has same privacy settings and everything else.

    In this also, you don’t have to worry about IP address and cookies but the reason Why this one is little different because they’ve changed the algorithm or the way that they display search results.So this one just gives you just a little different search result when you go through its searches.

    I put this search engine in this list because as it is made by the same company of ixquick then definitely it works with the different algorithm and if you don’t find your results by ixquick then you can move here.

    secure search engine

  4. Privatelee

    Now, this is not following privacy like duckduckgo and privacy but it is also an option which is available on the web as a secure search engine.

    This search engine doesn’t keep your search keywords to be used for ads or surveillance. Privatelee offers ‘PowerSearch‘ commands that let you configure the search source and more. It is also known by an alternative name

    secure search engine

  5. Ask

    The last one, I got for you is the ask page and believe it or not the ask page is not that bad.The biggest reason, I am putting it here is that most of you already know about ask.

    The main thing you don’t know about ask is that it also has a feature to erase your data which prevents you from getting tracked.It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t track you but the thing is that you can delete the tracked data to keep your privacy

    So, It’s your choice that you want to use it if you want that you’re some of the data doesn’t get tracked.

    secure search engine

Which is best for your privacy?

I included the best secure search engine to keep your privacy secure.But if you are concerned more about your privacy then I will suggest you to use a secure browser like TOR.

TOR browser is best browser to keep you anonymous.Duck Duck Go is the preferred search engine on TOR browser.So there is no chance of get tracked on TOR browser.

Read this post to know about TOR.



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