Tor Browser Android. Easiest Way to being Anonymous in Android.

tor browser android

Being an Anonymous is not an easy task, We have to take all precautions to be an anonymous.Android is the favorite OS of hackers because it can be modified easily.Many peoples think that “I can hide my activities from the web on a PC by Tor Browser but Is it possible in my mobile”. But before proceeding about Tor Browser Android, You should know 2 things from my old posts 1) What is Tor Browser and How To Use it? and 2.) How To be Anonymous?

Why Should you use Tor Browser Android?

If you are using an Android Device that’s why you are here, that’s why you want to know about Tor Browser Android. I know that you can hide yourself from Tor Browser of PC and take the precaution that nothing get sync into your mobile by your social media accounts or Email Accounts. But Unfortunately if this would happen than you will not more an anonymous and may be face a big trouble. As our old folks say Prevention is better than cure , So I will prefer you to use Tor Browser in your Android.

Steps To Use Tor Browser Android

There are just a few steps to use Tor Browser in your Android Device.If you have used Tor Browser on your PC then you must know this that the default search engine in Tor Browser is DuckDuckGo but in the app, you can easily switch between search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Step:1 There are not a single app to use Tor on your Android.You have to download 2 apps which are

  • Orbot: OrBot is used to change the proxy of your device or we can say install a temporary VPN in your device.It is used to change the IP of your device frequently to make you anonymous.
  • Orfox: OrFox plays the role of Browser, After changing IP from Orbot you can use OrFox for browsing safely.

tor browser android

Step:2 After installing both, open Orbot and click on Start, You have successfully changed your IP.

tor browser android

Step:3 Now, You can browse the web by clicking browse button or directly Open OrFox.

Step:4 You have changed IP successfully but you can confirm it by typing “My IP address” in the search engine of Orfox.You will see a random IP.

Researching is a good habit and you can do this with Tor also .There are lot of things in Tor Browser android which is useful for you.But before using any feature, confirm it that it will not harm your anonymity.

Now Use Tor Browser Android to make your work easy and safe.


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