Fifteen GIFs that will show you the power of magnetism.


    We all know about magnets because we are using them from our childhood in our toys and speakers. There are many types of magnets, after the child hood, we use these magnets again when we started our Engineering College and then we find the more uses of magnetism. They are most amazing and interesting things found on this planet, we can make many things from them and they are easily available to us.

    1.) A magnet inside a copper hose becomes never stopping mine.

    2.)  A great-engineered bottle opener including a magnet to grab the covers.

    3.) If a magnetic field is implemented to a ferrofluid.

    4.) When anything comes between two opposite poles of the magnet. True Love

    5.) When a magnet comes near to an old Television which uses Cathode Rays. It interrupts the path of the electrons which decreases the size of the screen.

    6.) Magnets can hold big objects relative to their sizes.

    7.) Magnets can balance the gravitational force to reach levitation.

    8.) When an Apple comes between two opposite pole magnets. Another True Love.

    9.) When you pour Liquid Oxygen in between magnets. Liquid Oxygen is paramagnetic in nature which displays its unbelievable magnetic properties.

    10.)  When a ferrofluid is implemented in the magnetic field of under the holder.

    11.) When an object has reached to the superconducting state, a magnet can be gone to levitate and look like this!

    12.) This may be anything, what happens to this.

    13.) When you place a magnet on one side the Newton’s cradle forms a continuous machine of sorts.

    14.) When an aluminum object goes to an electromagnetic field.

    15.) Each neodymium magnet being swallowed completely by a magnetorheological fluid. Unusual material.

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