Want to make life more easier than before, then these 3D Printed things will help you.


Now, we are using 3D printing technology very much, Just like the Jetsons, very soon we will see 3D printed hot dogs and Pizzas. Don’t be surprised, people already developed the first versions of these things by 3D printers.

There are some 3D printed things is available now that makes our life easier. If you want to know more about those things you can click on the image for the information. Many peoples are using 3d pens these days. You should try one of them.

 1. Want Some Fancy Taps?

Read more about this by clicking on the image.

2. Loves Rain? This might useful for your Plants.

3. Cutting Tool, which makes you a pro while cutting veggies.

4. Save your Chips.

5. Holder for your HTC Vive link box

6. Beer Mug While sipping with your Can.

7. Always forget to carry your straws?

8. Trash bag hook for your car.

9. Nuclear Can Holder.

10. Earbud Holder to removes tangles from your life.

11. Save your money.

12. Store all your cans.

13. Join a loudspeaker with your iPhone.

14. Lego helps you in your Natural Call.

15. Drink water like Tea.

16. Perfect Led Lights for everyone.

17. Open your bottle cap like a pro.

18. Clip Shark that holds your stuffs.

19. Table, Complete Weather report.

20. Mini Spotlight or Torch?

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